“Things happen” in every classroom, and this is where ViewPath really shines. What if Jason has a severe asthma attack during the school day? With ViewPath, his teacher would simply press the “Function” button on her wireless mic to silently turn on the classroom camera and immediately send an alert to school administrators or security.

Within seconds, help is on the way without anyone having to leave the classroom—and without anyone even knowing an alert has been sent. This is particularly important when dealing with disciplinary problems that could get out of hand. Plus, students tend to behave better when they know they are on camera!



This is a familiar scenario in many classrooms, one that repeats dozens of times a day in your own school district. Students in the back of the room—or who may have minor hearing disabilities—can’t hear the teacher and soon tire of trying. They tune out... and so does their learning. In fact, the farther away a student is from a teacher, the softer her voice sounds and the harder she is to hear. A student 16 feet away from a teacher receives only a quarter of the volume a student eight feet away hears. It’s even harder to hear the teacher when her voice competes with other classroom noises—like air conditioning.

Meanwhile, the teacher must talk for hour after hour at the top of her voice, ending the day raspy, tired and frustrated.

But now there’s a better way: ViewPath—the latest innovation in audio and video technology designed specifically for classroom use.

For more information about ViewPath and how this system will benefit your workplace, view our PDF brochure.


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