About The Ad Edge

At The Ad Edge, we know how to locate, motivate and re-activate your lapsed and inactive customers better than anyone in the business, including the factory marketing programs.

In fact, our combination of graphics, intellect, and techniques work so well, some of the top dealers in the nation and companies such as ADP dealer services have paid us millions for the secrets to our success in service marketing.

Getting the attention of your lost customers is important, but getting them to respond is critical. We know why the majority of your inactive customers are ….inactive.

Over 90% of your customers who haven’t been in for service for over 12 months don’t return because they perceive that you’re either too expensive, inconvenient, or both. Their perception is their reality. our job is to change their perception and get them back into your store.

Click on the video above right now to learn more about my services and how I can help win back lapsed and inactive customers.