About SMG

Social Marketing Group of Nevada is the next phase in the development of marketing a message using video and electronic media production services.

Vernon Van Winkle, Owner and CEO of KPVM-Television, Inc. began his journey in Video Production services in 1989. Through the years he has stayed on the cutting edge of delivery of this highly effective form of communication. Vernon has seen the video delivery process develop from VHS tape to DVD's to the Internet over 3 decades. Today, interactivity and being able to send a video message through Email, Website or Face book has changed the way we communicate at a moments notice! SMG is creating highly effective video communication. These videos will be delivered over the Internet, web sites and thumb drives to business and consumers improving communication to the highest levels!

The idea was simple. Create videos for businesses and consumers to use for Social Media websites, Training, Corporate Identities and Sales/Marketing. So, SMG Nevada was born.

With today’s technology, High Definition video can be squeezed to play back on several electronic platforms making it highly available for viewing.